Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Illustrations by matem-atyka

I've known Misia Schmidt for many years now. She is a very talented artists and illustrator behind matem-atyka. Born and raised in Poland she moved to U.S. in her early twenties. According to Misia is was "one of the best life changers so far!". Misia and her husband Peter lived in different parts of the country like Virginia, Illinois and have recently moved to Los Angeles, CA.

I had a chance to talk to Misia about her life and art.

How did you start?
I grew up reading or rather closely studying comic books. I wasn't as much interested in the words as the pictures themselves. Deciphering the story behind the drawings seemed to be more interesting than having it spelled out. I wanted to be an artist myself, create my own stuff. I did draw a lot during my childhood but then I picked it up again after I moved to the states. In my experience of growing up in Poland, art was never considered something important or even time worthy. I kept hearing I should focus on something more tangible.

I also didn't know anyone with artistic interests, so gradually I stopped (well, almost). Moving to the states changed a lot for me. I was granted such a new, fresh perspective on life, but strangely it allowed me to tap into my true nature again. Attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago kind of sealed the deal for me.

What are your major sources of inspiration?
For me to paint or draw is not a matter of finding inspiration. There is nothing romantic or inspirational about it. I can't explain how I arrive at my images. I guess it is the way I process my surroundings. It's a way of thinking and communicating. The good thing is I never run out of ideas, I only wish I was able to work faster.

I should say that I do enjoy California more than any other places I've experienced. I'm simply overwhelmed with its abundance of light and nature.