Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail polish wooden beads necklace

We will make a necklace of nail polish colored wooden beads. If you have a few old and dusty nail polishes don't through them away yet. You will be able to use them to make a cool looking necklace.

You will need about 20 small wooden beads with holes and a few nail polishes of matching colors. To start place a wooden bead on a wooden barbecue stick. It will be easier to color your bead that way. Start applying polish on a bead layer by layer. Once you are done with one bead move to the next one. Once all your beads are colored let them dry.

It's time now to crochet a necklace. You will need a mercerized cotton thread of a matching color and a crocheting hook. First place all the beads on the cotton thread. It will be easier to crochet your necklace that way. Start crocheting a simple row adding bead as you progress. I usually count loops so that my beads are placed at equal intervals. Once you've crocheted the necklace make a large loop on one end of it. Add a large glass bead on another end of the necklace. It will serve as a clasp.

You can wear your necklace around your neck or as a bracelet on your wrist. You can tie it around your ankle or wear it as belt. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very creative. Great way to use nail polish.

gugurara said...

this is such an easy and cool idea