Friday, May 13, 2011

How to color with green lime drink mix dye

I've been looking for a green drink mix for a long time and finally found it! Unfortunately Kool Aid doesn't come in green. If it did it would make out life so much easier!!! I came across this lime green drink mix in our local super market and decided to try it out. It worked out pretty well!
felted home decor items
To dye wool with the green drink mix I took two cups of the mix and mixed it with half a glass of water. The water turned the color of the bottle label. That was exactly the color I was searching for a long time. It's the color of lime, lettuce and fresh spring greens.
hand felted accessories
I hand felted a piece of white wool using soap and hot water. To learn about hand felting techniques please refer to my earlier post about hand felting. While still wet I placed my felted piece into a plastic container with the green drink mix and heated it in a microwave. Be careful not to overheat the wool as it can get burned. Normally I'll just wait for the whole thing to start boiling and take it out of the microwave. Then I let the piece dry somewhere.
hand felted scarves
When all my pieces of wool are dry it's time to turn them into something wearable. To create my brooch I first hand felted white wool, dark green wool and wine colored bead. Then I hand crocheted the base and colored white wool with the lime green drink mix. When all the pieces were dry and ready to use I assembled the brooch and attached a pin at the back. The lime colored wool looks beautiful and bright. I'm now anxious to hand felt a scarf and color it green!


Arctida said...

Beautiful greens! I love that color!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

wonderful color!

Lana said...

very interesting! Beautiful colours.

Melissa at said...

What a cool idea! I never would have thought to dye that way. The felted flower is so pretty. LOVE the lime color.


IrinaN said...

Nice color and great solution!

stevesmith said...

Sound's interesting..Thanks for sharing..

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