Friday, May 27, 2011

Flower brooch hand dyed in burgundy

I keep experimenting with hand dyeing. It's such a rewarding and inspiring process. So many new ideas come to life when one starts mixing colors. The end result is always a surprise and the whole process is much fun!
burgundy dye
I hand felted many many wool petals for my flower brooches and dyed them in my freshest color mix. The final dye color is more like a burgundy with hints of red and even yellow. It's such an interesting color that is not eye popping bright but rather stylish and elegant.
felted brooch
I've assembled my petals into a flower brooch with a hand crocheted jute base that I had made earlier. The brooch looks like a flower and will no doubt decorate any outfit. It will go well with any office neutral colors especially the ones with hues of light green, dusty pink and pale blue.
burgundy felted flower petals


A. Alexandra said...

that loooks lovely! I really like the color.

IrinaN said...

Great color :)

la boom! said...

The color is amazing and the flower is outstanding!

AlexMOS said...


SocksAndMittens said...

wow, what a great color!