Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer suncatcher by FleetingStillness

I've recently received an amazing gift from a very talented stained glass artist FleetingStillness who lives and works in Maryland.

It's always nice to receive gifts from fellow artists who are members of vast and diverse hand made community. When such gifts turn out to be beautiful hand made pieces of art it's twice as nice!
stained glass suncatchers
I always had a soft spot for pieces made of glass. I praise glass for its transparency, variety of colors and opportunities for creativity. The suncatcher I've got is made of bright yellow and blue glass and a copper foil. It was created in a "Tiffany" style meaning no lead was used to attach pieces of glass.
glass objects
The suncatcher is a perfect summer gift. The sun shines through brightly colored glass lighting up everything around and making me happy! Yellow and blue colors are of the warm sea, sand beaches and vacations! This piece of art will always remind me of the summer. From now on I'll have a small part of an ocean beach in my room.
glass candle holders

Alla, thank you for such a great gift!


Natalka Pavlysh said...

So beautiful!

Emma said...

Hello from your newest follower. I found you through etsy blog team.
I love the colors of the sun catcher and I'm so happy summer is on its way!

Arctida said...

Such a pretty sun-catcher! I love FleetingStillness art, she is so talented!

Beautyland said...

Very beautiful gift! Charms stone is agate, give luck and happy!

IrinaN said...

It's so pretty :) Great gift :)