Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water lily felted flower brooch in purple violet

Flowers come in different shapes and colors. The diversity of nature always inspires me. This time I've decided to make a felted flower brooch that will look like a water lily.

First of all I hand felted a large number of purple colored wool pieces in shapes of flower petals. I tried to make my petals long and somewhat narrow. At first I planned on making two-colored flower brooch and hand felted pieces of white wool as well. Later I changed my mind and created a purple colored brooch adding a few white shiny beads instead.
hand felted accesories
After my wool petals dried up I started arranging them into different patterns to find the one I liked the most. It's easy to do it while they are not yet attached and turned into an actual brooch. It's always fun to lay out different designs with different pieces of felted wool.
hand felted brooches
After a while I figured out what exactly I wanted to do with my wool. I attached all my numerous purple colored felted wool pieces to a hand crocheted base. To accent the color I added tiny white beads that look like small flower stamen.
The brooch is ready to wear now!
hand felted necklaces


Julie said...

That is very beautiful!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Beautiful! As usually :)

Annette said...

So pretty! Love the color!

IrinaN said...

Lovely flower :)

AlexMOS said...

Lovely flower! Thank you!

Eddy Nordstrom said...

Lovely flower :)