Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer wedding decorations white acorn wind chime

This year summer is all about weddings! It's not only about Mr. and Mrs. Wales' one but about all those wonderful couples that are having a moment of their life this summer. Interestingly the color scheme is not always white. This summer purple, lilac, green, pink, turquoise and aqua colors are en vogue. Even yellow and orange somehow fit into the perfect wedding color palette.

The selection of decoration ideas and wedding gifts offered by numerous on-line shops is outstanding. I thought I would share with you one decoration idea that came to my mind and that I created using felted acorns, wire and cotton thread.
felted accessories
Wind charms and mobiles look great as garden decoration. Why not to use them as a wedding ornament? White acorns with real acorn tops are attached to a round base. They quietly swing and wave in the wind adding style and elegance to wedding arrangements.
crocheted and felted accessories
The acorns could be of any color. Bright blue acorns would accent white of the bride's dress. Lemon yellows would play well with bright green of the surrounding landscape. Not too overriding acorn wind chimes will add flair to any summer wedding.
wedding decor


Maria Veigman said...

natural, rustic,lighting decoration!
Love it very much!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

they are so cute!

IrinaN said...

Nice decoration :)

mackyton said...

Yeah, this is a good piece of decoration for a DIY party. You can use wind chime above dinner tables in outdoor ceremonies. At one of local NYC wedding venues, my best friend got married and she bought plenty of embellished wind chimes for mesmerizing decorations.