Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Articulated Paper Dolls by Dubrovskaya

I came across these amazing paper dolls browsing the internet. They bring back memories of childhood and times when we played in our imaginary worlds days after days. These were wonderful times when we had no responsibilities, no obligations and no worries. Paper dolls by Dubrovskaya look so different and yet so familiar. I’m glad I had a chance to talk to the artists about her life and her art of making articulated paper dolls.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Maria. I grew up in a family of an artist and a teacher in a city in Siberia, Russia. My parents didn’t want me to become an artist and I myself was not much into teaching. Thus, I took a somewhat standard path graduating from a university with a degree in economics. I ended up working as a web designed and later as a photographer though. As a hobby I started drawing illustrations that would be published by local magazines.

To change my life I left Russia in 2007. The original plan was to go to Asia and travel there for a few months but I never actually came back to Russia. In today’s world Internet empowers people to work and live in places they find interesting and challenging. Living in Asia I was able to work for companies all over the world.

I currently live in Philippines. Together with my boyfriend we rent a nice spacious house and I can finally devote some time to my beloved hobby of creating unique paper dolls.

How did you start making paper dolls?

I started with cutting and assembling a few paper dolls for myself. They reminded me of my childhood. I loved the process so much that I kept making them in different shapes and colors. I never thought of selling them but somehow a word spread and people started buying my dolls.

What inspires you?

Other artists and craftsmen inspire me a lot. It’s amazing what ideas people come up with. The boundaries of one’s imagination and creativity are indeed limitless. Once again Internet helps us all to share our ideas with the whole world. When I see something really beautiful and unique I feel an urge of going to my studio and creating, creating and creating!

Thank you, Maria!