Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding invitations and stationary by MamaTita

Summer months are ideal for weddings. Beautiful weather, flowers and the overall vacation mood make summers a perfect time for a wedding. With these thoughts in mind I came across a talented artist Nadezhda from MamaTita who makes wedding invitations and stationary. Nadezhda was very kind to talk to me about her art of making paper cutouts for weddings.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Nadezhda and I currently live in Latvia, Europe. I’m a very creative and artistic personality, although I don’t have a degree in either design or art. On one hand I’ve always dreamed about becoming a professional actress and an improviser. On the other hand I always longed for a family and children. Being a realistic person I perfectly understand that it’s hard to be a successful actress and a full time mom at the same time. After having my son I’ve shelved my theatrical plans and devoted myself to my family. All my creativity and artistic inspirations are now being channeled into my wedding invitations and stationary business.

How did you start making paper cutouts?
I always loved paper. Paper is a very rewarding material. Its flexibility and functionality opens up a lot of possibilities for creativity. The supply of art paper on the market is unbelievable and it very much helps in making the creative process more productive and rewarding.

The art of origami always fascinated me as well. As a hobby I buy tones of books about origami and create very sophisticated and intricate origami pieces.

What inspires you?
I’m always looking for new card stock and paper. There are so many amazing paper products out there and they serve as a huge source of inspiration for me.

Once I have a new idea in my head I rush to turn it into a finished product. I cannot usually wait till all the details of a new project sort out in my head. I need to act immediately. I create new designs step by step fixing and improving them on the go.

I’ve recently started experimenting with self hardening clay. I create cake toppers and other items for weddings out of the clay. Clay objects have very smooth surfaces and the material is very nice to touch and work with.

Thank you, Nadezhda!

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jude said...

Wow!..Your invitation design is so smart..The invitation design using paper cutouts is simple and attractive.Now you decide to use clay objects.My Advance wishes to your future smart work..Have a smart thinker forever...