Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY How to make a Christmas tree decoration

It's about time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and home decoration ideas. If you plan on having a Christmas tree it's a great time to make an ornament for your tree with your own hands. It will be a small gift for your Christmas tree. I hand felt home decoration items and am happy to share how to create a simple Christmas tree ornament.

Christmas tree felted ornament ball

You will need a plastic ball and felting wool of different colors. For felting you will need plastic wrap paper, water and soap. To complete your ornament you will need a needle and a thread.

felting shar ball

To make the ornament cover the plastic ball with layers of white felting wool. Make a pattern you wish to have on the ball by adding small pieces of dyed wool here and there. Colors that work well for Christmas include red, green, brown. Once your wool is layered wet the ball with soapy water and cover with plastic wrap.

how to felt a christmas decoration

Start felting by pressing and caressing the wrapped ball. Be careful not to mess up the original pattern. You will always be able to fix it at the early stages of felting before the wool felts completely. Add water and soap if needed. Continue felting until the wool attaches well to the ball and all the design details are firmly felted in.

DIY felting ornament

Rinse the ball in fresh water and gently squeeze the ball to get rid of extra water. Let it dry overnight. Once your ball is nice and dry attach a thread to the ball. You can glue the thread or if you want it to be more eco friendly make a whole in the ball to let the thread through. Thus, you won't need to use any glue.

Happy crafting!


gudrun said...

that's a really nice christmas "ball" and the tutorial is easy an nice to read - but i find it horrible that time goes so fast - and that it's getting colder and colder...

TonyaUtkina said...


Christmas will be here before you know it! :)