Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cheese bread Khachapuri from Georgia

Have you heard how delicious Georgian (a beautiful country in the Caucuses) cuisine is? With a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes spiced with unique herbs it is one of the most appetizing cuisines in Europe.
The Georgian dish we like to cook is called "Khachapuri" which means farmers cheese with bread. It somewhat resembles cheese pizzas, cheese bread and calzones all together and is cooked using salted cheese or feta.
cheese calzones from Georgia
To prepare the right dough one should use Kefir a fermented milk drink available in most supermarkets across the U.S. Adding Kefir to the dough will make it soft and partly fermented. The stuffing is prepared from any type of salted cheese preferably Feta which is also available in most supermarkets. There should be enough cheese as the total volume of the stuffing should twice exceed the volume of the dough.
cheese pizza from Georgia
Khachapuri or Georgian cheese bread is cooked on frying pans one at a time. They fry very fast (approximately 5 minutes on each side) and, thus, don't require much cooking time. In Georgia Khachapuri is very popular as a fast food dish either at home or in numerous fast food restaurants all over the country.
cheese bread from Georgia


WoolSolution said...

I would say - this is one of many different types of khachapuries - depends on the region they vary in size, shape, dough... and only one thing is in common - the cheese staffing :)
personaly I prefer khachapury made of pastry dough and shaped as an envelope (პენოვანი ხაჩაპური)

Thanks Tonya for yummy post

Sasha and Veronika said...

Looks yummy. My husband's friend is from Georgia and this one is his favorite bread :) Nice to see how it looks eventually :)

Rosemary said...

Mm, yummie! Thanks for sharing!

lightkeeping said...

Oh, I love khachapury so much, when I was on holidays near the Black sea there were people selling it at the beach and the dough was made on mineral water, that was the tastiest khachapury I have tried:)