Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Up in the sky east treasury

Thousands of people travel by airplanes every minute. They are all up there in the sky right now! I just thought about them for a minute and about pilots and airplane crews and all other people who help us get to our destinations on time! Thank you for your wonderful work!
up in the sky east treasury

The following fellow Etsians were featured in this up in the sky east treasury: littlebrumble, sanagiros, manonknits, itsastitch, galafilc, bumblestore, CalvinEngel, allmadewithlove, ustwinginit, ChristopherBoswell, FlyingFun, JaneBoFelt, candycrack, TonyaUtkina, daimblond, jezek


Jane_Bo said...

Very beautiful Treasury! Thank you very much, Tonya!

daimblond said...

great collection! thank you!