Monday, March 28, 2011

Felted Acorns wind chime

Spring is a rather windy season. Some people get irritated by strong winds but some actually try to take advantage of them. It is not only wind turbines I have in mind when I think about wind. Don't you like the sound of wind chimes or the sight of flags flapping happily on one's house? The felted acorns home decor item I created was inspired by wind chimes that make out back yards look so welcoming and peaceful! My wind chime is different though. It is not made to hang outside but rather inside adding color and style to any space in your home.
yellow felted acorns wind chime
The acorns could be of bright yellow, orange and red colors reminding us about upcoming spring and summer seasons with their vivid hues and shades. Knowing that acorns are eco-friendly and natural adds to the pleasure of decorating my or anyone's house with a set of acorns wind chimes.
home decor acorns


Lovely Trifles said...

very beautiful!!!

Natalka said...

lovely thing!

Katrinshine said...

Great idea!

rizalaYa said...

so cute! love it!

Anne said...

That is probably one of the cutest set of wind chimes that I have ever seen, a beautiful creation.