Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Berry summer bracelet

I love bright colors of the summer: red as a berry, blue as the sky or the ocean, yellow as a sunflower. They bring so much positive energy and create a happy attitude. Besides we usually wear bright and airy dresses in the summer and it's always nice to complement them with equally vivid accessories. Bracelets are wonderful additions to any outfit as they are non-distractive and easy to wear. One can put a few of them to experiment and mix of colors.
bright colors and happy jewelry from TonyaUtkina
I usually make my bracelets of wire and Czech glass beads. I should admit the Czech beads are the best as they are of very good quality and come in huge selection of shapes and colors. This time I created bright red berry bracelet that looks fantastic on one's hand. It's not flashy but stylish, elegant and fits one's hand just perfectly. It could be a great wedding accessory or something a woman or a girl could wear every day.
red berry bracelet


Lovely Trifles said...

very beautiful item!!

la boom! said...

Elegant and beautiful :)
I love the way you photographed it too :)

Yana said...

So beautiful!

SocksAndMittens said...

This is so pretty! great work, Tonya

rizalaYa said...

so lovely!